FROM/ 04.06.24 TO/ 18.06.24

Experience the Future of NFTs in Bali

Join us for NFT Bali 2024, where you'll have the opportunity to attend exciting events and workshops, gain valuable skills, insights, and growth, network with industry leaders, and enjoy unforgettable parties.

Events and Workshops

Attend exciting events and workshops led by industry experts.

Skills, Insights & Growth

Gain valuable skills, insights, and personal growth opportunities from those who have been through it all - we curate the best speakers & topics to keep you ahead of the curve.


Network with like-minded leaders and professionals in the tech industry & make life long friends & partners.

Great Parties

End the day with unforgettable parties and celebrations.
We’re on a mission to make tech “sexy”.

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NFT Bali 2024

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NFT Bali: Experience the Ultimate Tech Event in Bali

Join us at NFT Bali, the premier tech event where leaders in the industry gather to network, learn, and be inspired. With top-notch speakers, cutting-edge workshops, and unforgettable experiences, NFT Bali is the must-attend event for tech enthusiasts.

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Learn from diverse superstars across impact, tech, entertainment & more

Linda Adami
CEO & Founder Of Quantum Temple
Co-Founder Of Sansound
Founder Of Bali Investment Club
Matt Cook
Chief BD Officer At Mandala Chain
Linzi Boyd
CEO Of "We Are One Earth"
Rich Robinson
Entrepreneur In Residence @Animoca
Myrtle Anne
CEO & Founder Of Blocktides
Head Of Expension @Base
Dave Kebo
Co-Founder Of Ordinauts
Leads Disruptives ICP Hub Indonesia
Marketing & Ecosystem Directior @Darewise
Max Ward
CEO of Liberatrade Ai/LTAI and The Libera Foundation

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Everybody was super friendly, there was no competition, which is super important in NFT's because I think we need to work together, and not against each other and I think NFT Bali really shows you how to work together


Lead Strategist, PG

I’ve managed to see the same person everyday for thirty days and the type of connection you make then is much much deeper


Co-Founder, Tru3mint

You’re able to build bonds, build connections because there’s enough time, instead of getting rushed and finishing in 2-3 days. A lot of the events I’ve been to one or two day events which I’ve even hosted myself in Melbourne, I don’t even know whom I’ve met.


Co-Founder & CEO, PG


Find answers to common questions and address any uncertainties or inquiries you may have.

Why 15 days?

One of our main goals is to showcase the lifestyle on offer for nomads / expats living in Bali & enthusiastically involved in tech. We believe in creating intimacy amongst high level individuals requires a multi-faceted experience that allows people to build meaningful relationships in a wide range of experiences together. We're seducing tech leaders to come live in Bali with us 🙂

What if I can't come for 15 days?

If you are invited to come, you are free to drop in to any number of our events as you choose

What does the ticket include?

Food & drink at each of the events, side quests to complete & earn rewards, merch, afterparties & much much more. (Just cover your own flights & accomodation)

Can I work remotely during this experience?

YES! We've designed each day specifically to cater for degens & mimicing our lifestyles here on the island, we're degens too! We don't like to be away from the markets for too long & we've ensured there are multiple venues you can use on any given day & work from. (worth noting bali is one of the worlds preferred locations to work from remotely & all venues are very well equipped to serve your remote work needs)

What kind of activites can we expect?

We're very proud to showcase some of the magic Bali has to offer from cultural experiences, adventures through their world class natural beauty of the island, outstanding parties, workshops from some of the best across topics like DEFI, gaming, hardware, NFT's, network state narratives, AI, spatial technologies & so much more!

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