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Supporting founders building the future by getting them access to Capital, Advisory, top-tier talent & reliable distribution networks


We started The Collective Solution because we needed a place we could go when we wanted to discuss ideas, implementation & more with the most brilliant minds building value focused businesses utilizing Crypto, AI & other emerging tech.

Our Mission?

To identify, curate & elevate founders who are on a mission to build a more equitable, transparent, decentralized future for us all. We bring them together within our community of founders & angels so we can all build really cool shit together.

Who are we?

Our co-founders are obsessed with emerging tech, elevation of human consciousness & building value focused businesses.

With backgrounds in finance, performance coaching,
sales, HR & a penchant for deep research and analysis our culture

What we do

Top-Tier services that have been curated & vetted from the best in the business

Incubator and launchpad

We incubate meaningful products by supporting their journey from ideation, fund-raising, user acquisition & more.


Powerful advisory from true crypto natives with a tremendous track record of success.

Talent sourcing

Need access to top-talent? We got you. Access our database of curated talent & we guarantee that you will find your next superstar hire.

Providing Tech

Need something built but aren’t a developer? We have some of the most brilliant developers with decades of experience in software & deep insight into product / design thinking.

Investment fund

Basic membership to our community is free by invitation only. Higher tiers like our future PFP drop & our initial genesis collection get access to.

The investment DAO

Our investment DAO which members can make investment proposals to.

NFT collections

Early access to exciting new tokens & NFT launches.

Real estate

Real estate investment opportunities to diversify your portfolio during crypto bear

Alpha channel

Access to our internal news channel “The Signal” zero-day knowledge from our research team

Our members include founders from

NFT Bali

A 31 day destination experience

image of NFT Bali

Think global, act local. Our home base is Bali as it’s a huge web3 hotspot, after the G20 global leaders conference Bali announced that crypto will become the second biggest industry after tourism in Bali. We want to showcase what it’s like living here as an expat with a deep interest in web3 & emerging tech.

We have an events team that has been running events in Bali for the last 25 years - we help you create curated experiences for your team and/or community.

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Meet our team



    Tyrone is the founder of The Collective with a former background in finance, executive coaching, and sales training.



    beacollects (Bella) is the Co-Founder of The Collective. With a background in customer service, becoming a community manager within web3 proved to be a smooth transition.