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A digital first business club for leaders in tech who enjoy real world destination experiences.
Get unprecedented access to some of the best the world has to offer.


High quality humans want the best experiences, lifestyle, relationships, abundance & joy. We share exactly that with the right high integrity visionaries, mavericks & superstars.

Our Mission?

To identify, curate & elevate high integrity leaders, bring them together & provide an optimal environment to build a better future through tech while remaining rooted in ancient wisdom.

Who are we?

Visionary founders, investors & thought leaders focused on building a better way of life & collaborative businesses. A global network that gets together in lots of different environments to foster deep relationships of powerful support. A tribe that celebrates each others wins, shares insights & opportunities & of course have each others backs when things are tough.

What we do

Top-Tier services that have been curated & vetted from the best in the business

Curate Quality

Bringing you the best people, stories & experiences we find for you to expand your network, lifestyle & overall sense of fulfilment

Business club

Expert advisory, life & business coaches, Sales consultants & many more experts take the time to share their insights & solve your life/work issues with you.

White rabbit events

focused on learning, growth, business excellence, self-mastery, development & sharing business opportunities.

Black rabbit events

focused on the shadow self, inner work, open-minded conversations/activities & eclectic adventures - and some of the most EPIC parties.

Our members include founders from

Our annual flagship event : NFT Bali

A 31 day destination experience

image of NFT Bali

Think global, act local. Our home base is Bali as it’s a huge web3 hotspot, after the G20 global leaders conference Bali announced that crypto will become the second biggest industry after tourism in Bali. We want to showcase what it’s like living here as an expat with a deep interest in web3 & emerging tech.

We have an events team that has been running events in Bali for the last 25 years - we help you create curated experiences for your team and/or community.

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Meet our team



    Passionate about philosophy, strategy, ancient wisdom, emerging tech & bringing people together. The last decade of his life has been running invite-only business clubs (7 years for real estate & 3 years for tech) “front man” of The Collective Solution



    The “magic” behind the brand. Focused on quality vibes, curating environments, making things “sexy” & ensuring the right people are where they need to be. From operations to branding - she’s our not-so-secret-secret-weapon. Affectionately dubbed “BOB”